About Three Wands Studio.

Three Wands is an in-home photo and video studio dedicated to nurturing an artistic community by providing services and resources to queer artists and creatives of color who have limited access to equipment and space. At Three Wands, skills are shared through classes and workshops on subjects ranging from portraiture and lighting to how to develop conceptual and experimental approaches. Some of the equipment offered for rent includes projectors, lighting, lenses, and cameras. Three Wands also welcomes practices outside the visual arts, including, but not limited to, creative writing and poetry, herbs and holistic wellness, culinary arts, and organizing around community sustainability. The development of personal projects, as well as fine arts practices, is encouraged.

Message from the Founder.

Artists need stable creative outlets. Exploring what we create when we have the tools we need helps open our path to growth and creativity. Artistic practice allows us to feel and express whatever we have tucked away , and it is my belief that allowing for that expression is essential to human survival. Three Wands is a space where that expression can be cultivated and sustained freely and openly, without the limitations of a formal institution. The vision of Three Wands is to offer an affordable space and supportive community that can serve as the foundation for the work you wish to produce.

-- Kali-Ma Nazarene